JVMT Gets Us Going: Old First E-pistle 12.17.21

JVMT Gets Us Going: Old First E-pistle 12.17.21

JVMT Gets Us Going Preparing for Construction to Begin

We announced in October that our Joint Vision Mission Team has been awarded the necessary funding to build the 34 Units of Supportive Housing, offices and classroom space on the portion of our church property adjacent to 4th Street.  

Here is an update on the time schedule and ways to help / participate our getting ready for the construction that will begin in the summer of 2022.

The Joint Venture Ministry Team (JVMT) has accepted the Elder’s suggestion that they take up the task of leading our efforts to get ready. To that end, they want to expand their team. They have begun asking people they think might be willing to help out. But if you are interested in being on the JVMT for this portion of its work, please let them know. (Their names are below!)

Our plan currently is to vacate the office building and the CE building by July 31, 2022 so that the work can be done to demolish the CE Building and the back half of the Fox Building and move the front portion of Fox Building to its new location before construction can begin on the new building.  The plan is for the construction to be completed by the end of the year 2023.   

But there is still much to do in the next seven months. To meet this goal, and also to prepare for all that is to come, we have a number of categories / goals for our work. We invite you all, as members of Old First’s Community,  to talk with a member of our team as you discern where you are going to help. This is a big effort, and everyone is going to have to do a little something. (And again, if you can make a bigger commitment, join the JVMT!)

Tony P. moved out of the Fox Building on Wednesday, with the help of Tim, Beth, Donnel and Michael. Tony is happily settling in his new apartment  that Community Ventures has helped him acquire. That could be considered the first completed step in our preparations! 


Parking We will lose all parking on-site once construction begins.  To that end we have two key tasks:

  1.       Arranging for handicap accessible drop off and pick up site off on Race Street, at or near the intersection with Orianna Street which requires securing the necessary zoning and permits to accomplish this in the next 7 months.
  2.       Identifying alternative parking, including spaces near the church building that we may rent for use of members/staff during the week.  Determining the number of spaces we need to rent and working with the Admin Team to secure these spaces beginning August 2022.


Inventorying and Emptying the Christian Education and Fox Buildings – this involves preparation for moving days and scheduling those days and working with the Administrative SLG to arrange for removal of those items we want to keep/store, those items we want to give away and those items going to the dumpster. Trying to be responsible and easy on the earth, we hope to find alternatives to landfill for as much as possible.

If there is ANYTHING at church you have ever wanted, now is the time to ask. Likewise, if you need something, but don’t know if we have it, please ask. (There are more odds and ends of furniture around the church than you can imagine, and we are willing to get rid of things starting NOW!  

Identifying and Preparing storage spaces in the Sanctuary Building- To keep the costs down as we prepare for the relocation of our Church office and classrooms, we will need to use what space we have available in the Sanctuary building, i.e. crypt and balcony for storage.  Determining what can go where and working out a moving plan will be a part of this teams work, in conjunction with the team working on emptying the CE and Fox buildings.

Creating Temporary Office Space for the duration of the construction – The office needs to be located and moved somewhere in the Sanctuary building. While most of this will be Devan’s responsibility, they will need help.

Old First Records review and storage – This involves working with our Administrator, Devan, in reviewing records to determine what could be / needs to be scanned and saved based on our church record retention policies and practical need to save space. We will also need a plan and its execution getting it done.

Modifications to the Sanctuary Building to Accommodate Future Needs –While temporary accommodations for our church office will be made in the Sanctuary building, determining what longer term modifications/accommodations of our Sanctuary Building are needed with the planned changes to the whole property, and how they will be done is on the radar. 

Community Good Will and Communications – The upcoming schedule means between 15 and 20 months of disruption, not just to our Old First Congregation but also to our neighbors of Old City.  We need people who will both listen to those impacted by the construction and keep them informed on what is happening and when.

Archive storage – Our archivists, Nancy Donohue and Bob Schneider, are already at work on preparing our archives for off site storage.  If you are interested in helping and, in the process learning more about Old First’s history, consider helping in this work.

If any of these acts of ministry call out to you, please let us know.  We will be asking everyone to help in some way in the changes to our mission site.  What would you like to do? 


The JVMTeam: Beth W., Bob R., Jackie W., Kathy S., Megan G., Michael C.