JVMT Update – March 30, 2023

JVMT Update – March 30, 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Old First House project has received the final piece of funding needed for the construction to begin – a grant of $2,558,837 from the PHFA Development Cost Relief Program Funds.  This grant funding was necessitated by the increased costs in construction following the pandemic.  In addition, our partner, DePaul USA, has been awarded the Continuum of Care funds from HUD which will allow DePaul USA to provide the full supportive services program for the residents that we envision. With these pieces in place, we are just about ready to proceed with the construction.  The Congregation of Old First will be holding a meeting after worship at the end of April to affirm the leases needed for the work to begin.  

The JVMT would like to provide some opportunities over the next few weeks to share information about the project and answer your questions in preparation for the vote.  For some, this might be just refreshing your recollection; for others, it will be hearing more about a project that began about 6 years ago.  We have scheduled two meetings. The first is this Sunday, April 2, 2023, following worship. The second will be an online only meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 7 p.m. on the Old First Zoom site.  You are invited to attend either (or both) of these meetings to hear more about the project and ask any questions you might have.  

In addition, members of the Joint Venture Mission Team (JVMT) are available to answer any questions you might have if you are unable to attend the meetings.  They are:

Beth W, Bob R, Jackie W, Megan G, Kathy S, Nancy D, Allison K, and Linda D

Their emails are available on the Breeze site.  Or drop a line to Devan, our Old First Administrator at admin@oldfirstucc.org , and Devan will share your questions with the team.