JVMT Update! – March 2, 2023

JVMT Update! – March 2, 2023

We are getting ready for construction to begin on Old First House.  And that means it is getting busy around here again. (Well, these days, unfortunately, it never seems to slow down anymore?)

Community Ventures is finalizing financing and drawing up the long-term lease of our property by the end of April.  The Elders will need to call a congregational meeting because the congregation will have to vote to approve the long-term lease.

At the same meeting, there will be updates provided and time for questions (and there might be many!). So look forward to our Elders’ announcement on the date and time of that meeting.

In the meantime, the JVMT is meeting regularly and has developed a list of items to review with Community Ventures and Domus, the general contractor, relating to protection of and access to the Sanctuary Building during construction.  JVMT hopes to sit down with Community Ventures in the next few weeks, and then set up a meeting with Domus.

So far, our list of concerns includes: protection options for the windows and doorways on the west side of the building; relocating bricks and granite benches; construction site logistics, including the location of construction fencing and the construction trailer; and church access and signage.

We are also working on a list of items that the church needs to get done to prepare for our ministry and life together during and after the construction. That list includes: parking arrangements and the creation of a loading zone out front; final clearing of the last odds and ends from the Fox and CE buildings; showers for service camps; and clearer signs for how to enter the church and office.

If you have questions or concerns, please share them with Devan at the church office admin@oldfirstucc.org or  215-922-4566 .

We are looking to schedule a final clean out day for the Christian Education and Fox Buildings, along with a party to say a fond and final goodbye to the CE Building and a blessed and successful transformation of the Fox Building. We will set a date shortly for that big day, but right now are hoping that it can be scheduled after Easter!

Yours In Christ, the JVMTeam:

 Beth, Kathy, Megan, Linda, Nancy, Bob, Jackie, Alison, Michael