JVMT Update Sept. 2020

JVMT Update Sept. 2020

The Covid-19 emergency has not stopped the work of the Joint Venture Mission Team in preparing for constructing 34 apartments with supportive services and office and classroom space on our campus. The archaeologists have completed Phase 1 of their investigation of our property, and today they performed a ground penetration radar scan of the planned construction site looking for possible evidence of artifacts from the 18th century. 

Here are some interesting pieces of information from their study: 

  1. The archaeologists indicate that our property is assessed as low sensitivity for “Pre Contact period archaeological resources” i.e. it is unlikely that there are any pre-18th Century artifacts to be found on our site.
  2. There are two sections which they have determined may contain artifacts based on the history of the site because they are the least disturbed pieces of our property. Those spots are outlined on this picture. 


3. If there is a need for further sampling, it will likely involve samples taken from these two locations. We will get the report on the Ground Penetrating Radar Scan in about a month and hear recommendations regarding further studies at that time. 

The Covid-19 emergency has pushed back the time line for Requests for Proposals (RFP) for funding for the City and the PHFA (tax credits). We are told that the award determinations will not be delayed, so we are preparing for the RFPs as best we can anticipating what our needs will be. 

We are looking at ways in which the new building may qualify as a Living Building, which means it would be even more environmentally friendly, and we are applying for participation in a program focused on that aspect of the building. 

Finally, we are turning our sites on funding sources of funding that might make us more competitive in our application for tax credits. One of the challenges we have is how much evidence of operating funds is needed for our project to be competitive with the other projects applying for the tax credit funds. We know that our planned program is one that will provide services for which there is funding and for which there is great need… but we aren’t able to apply for those funds until we secure the tax credits. It is something of a Catch 22. One way of getting around this challenge is to have available another source of funding, at least for the first year. The projected funds needed are $160,000 per year. That money will cover the costs for monitoring, counseling and other support services. If you have any thoughts or connections to funding sources for such a project, please contact one of the JVMT members (Beth, Jackie, Bob., Kathy, Megan) or contact the church office.