Keeping the Doors Open for the CSA – Can You Help?

As you may know, Old First has been a pick up site for Landisdale Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for several years.  Our neighbors and a couple of congregation members take advantage of this wonderful resource.  A CSA provides it’s members with boxes of fresh, local (within 100 miles) organic fruits and vegetables every week. The CSA box contains 6-8 items that are delivered to pick up sites around the area every week for 21 weeks.  Members pay in advance so that the farmers have a reliable source of income when they need it most, to buy and plant seeds and pay for water.  Members pick up their boxes every week at a pick up site, return the box for reuse next week and enjoy fresh, delicious, wholesome organic produce all week, without having to go to a store or farmer’s market.  I’ve personally been a member of a CSA for nearly 10 years, and have found it a healthier way to shop and cook.  I’ve learned to use many new vegetables and am grateful for the opportunity to eat local, organic food.

As a host site, we keep the doors open until 6 pm for members to pick up their boxes every week from June thru October.

Since our office closes at 4 pm, Pastor Michael has volunteered to stay in the office every Wednesday from 4-6.  John O, our program assistant, often works his second job during that time, though he stays when he’s available.

Because of his sabbatical, Pastor Michael won’t be available this summer so we’re questioning whether or not we can remain a pick up site.  Most members work and cannot get here before 4 pm. We would hate to lose this valuable resource.

Are there folks out there who could commit to keeping the doors open every Wednesday from 4-6?  Members know to come in, check off their names on the sign in sheet and leave their boxes beside the door.  We have wi-fi, so you can bring your lap top and work or catch up with friends through Facebook or email.  Or listen to music, or read a book.  If we get enough volunteers, you won’t have to do it every week. Please call Teresa at the office, 215-922-4566 or email here at:

And while you are at it, why don’t you sign up for the CSA? It’s easy.  Click here to join.  You’ll soon be raising your vegetable quota and enjoying it, too.