Last Week’s Approaching End of Life Series

Last Week’s Approaching End of Life Series

After the summer hiatus, we got back to an important conversation, wherein we think about the end of life, what our faith offers us as resources, and how we might be better prepared.

Jackie shared with us resources available through your county office on aging. She stressed the importance of someone knowing where your important papers are kept to be prepared for an unexpected situation. You can google your county office on aging for a list of resources. The result for PA is

Clark shared forms for drawing up a Living Will that includes Advance Directives regarding the medical care we want and do not want if we are not able to speak for ourselves, and a Health Care Power of Attorney that appoints a Health Care Agent to advocate for us and make sure our wishes are followed. The documents must be properly witnessed to be legal. Having the document notarized is not necessary, but more likely to be accepted in other states. Each State has their own forms and laws.




Clark is available to answer questions or assist you in completing the documents. His contact information is in Realm, or you can leave a message for him at the church office 215-922-4566.

Michael offered that for anyone who wishes, the church office could keep a file of your end of life papers — advance directive, funeral arrangements, executor, etc.