Leadership Positions ALL Filled! (Just in time for installations)

Leadership Positions ALL Filled! (Just in time for installations)

Elizabeth G. has agreed to serve this year as our Stewardship Director. And Grant F. has accepted the appointment as Assistant Treasurer. With those two positions filled, the ad hoc Discernment Ministry Team has found leaders for all of our elected or appointed roles.

All the SLGs and Ministry Teams have spaces for anyone who wishes to be involved. And the church encourages every person in this community – whether members or not – to find a place to serve at church (as well as to think of themselves as “servants” in the other places of their life too)…

And already, last Sunday, after worship, one could see new leaders working together as we make inevitable transitions. Changes in leadership usually bring steep learning curves, but also new insights, relationships and leaders into new experiences.

This Sunday, we will thank Adam, our outgoing Treasurer, Gerry, our outgoing Financial Secretary; Jackie, who will no longer be serving as an active Elder; and Yajeh, who has finished her service as the Christian Education Director.

We will also be ordaining three new Elders: Greta S., Jonathan A., Kathy S.

As well, we will install all of our leaders for 2015.

Here is the completed roster (of elected and appointed leaders) then for this year:

Elders: Jonathan A., Yiwola A., Beth D., Greta S., Kathy S., Larry W.

Treasurer: Annemarie K.
Assistant Treasurer: Grant F.

Financial Secretary: Laura S.
Assistant Financial Secretary: Kris F.

Standing Leadership Groups:
Administration: Jonathan V.
Christian Education: Julius D.
Community Life: Megan G.-A.
Outreach: Steve W.
Worship: Griffin D.

Community Engagement: Suzanne C.
Endowment: Dan B.
Stewardship: Elizabeth G.
Archivist: Nancy D.

Pastoral Relations:
Jane S.-A., Russ C., Susan D., Dan R., Greta S.

Philadelphia Association: Haeman H.-S., Beth W.
PA Southeast Conference: Jackie W., Gerry W.
POWER: Hannah C., Mimi C.-J.

Next week, along with pictures from the thank yous and installation, there will be an article wherein everyone of these leaders shares in a sentence or less their hope for their service this year!