Could You Be a Leader at Old First?

Could You Be a Leader at Old First?

As we come around to the Congregation’s Annual Meeting again (Sunday, January 29), the Elders have appointed an ad hoc Discernment Task Force to help us as a church identify leaders for our congregation and encourage us all to use our gifts in the service.

The Discernment Task Force members are:
Kristen Miller
Adam Sherr
Margaret Rohdy
Pastor Michael Caine

Their specific charge falls under the umbrella of a much bigger commitment: Old First means to be a faith community that challenges and supports all of its members in recognizing and putting to good use their talents and time in service beyond themselves.

Per our Constitution and By-laws, three of our Elders’ positions are up for election (or re-election) and all of our 1-year termed Directors — Christian Ed., Endowment and Stewardship– are up for re-appointment by the Elders. The Discernment Task Force is charged with talking with current leaders whose positions are up for re-election or re-appointment, to see if they still feel called to the service they have been doing.

The Discernment Task Force is also called to exhort every member of the church to consider her or his gifts and callings. Maybe someone who hasn’t served before or who is new to our church is feeling called to a leadership role? Or called to begin a new ministry? Or to join one of our Standing Leadership Groups or Ministry Teams?

The members of our Discernment Task Force are responsible with the delicate and all important task of helping each of us figure out how we are to live out our Christian faith in service, even if their specific, immediate focus is on the work we do through the church and its leadership needs.

The Discernment Task Force has approached each of the leaders whose position is up for election to see if he or she is interested in continuing.

But they are coming to you now too, and asking you to consider prayerfully if God is calling you to service through the church:

Have you thought about the gifts God has given you?
Are you developing and using them in service?
Could they, if dedicated at church, benefit our ministry?
Is part of the “give-back” of gratitude for what God has given you to be accomplished with time and talent dedicated through the church?
Is there a leadership role in which you feel called to serve?
Is there some new activity, fellowship or ministry you would like to begin?

If any of these questions gets you thinking, please feel encouraged to speak with someone on the Discernment Task Force.

Respectfully submitted,

Adam Sherr (for the Discernment Task Force)