Lenten Devotion 4: The Good Distance We've Covered

Lenten Devotion 4: The Good Distance We've Covered

In this week’s Lenten Devotion– Wednesday evening, April 6– we will think about the distance between our parents’ and grandparents’ lives and our lives.

For some of us that is physical distance– “our people” come from farms or small towns even as we are living our lives in the city or a major metropolitan area. But there are other distances that many of us have traveled, either deliberately or unwittingly, to find ourselves in a very different cultural, political, social, work or religious environment than our forbearers.

This week’s devotion will call us to reflect a bit on that traveling and how our sense of God has changed and how we experience God where we find ourselves today.

Each week’s devotions have been a time for rich sharing and a growing crowd of people attending. And a great preparation for Easter.

We’ve covered already in these first three weeks of Lent the improvements we’d hope to contribute to our time and place, the difficulties of understanding/being understood, and, last week, the masks we wear.

But if you haven’t yet been able to join us, it’s not too late. Come out this week: 6 pm for a dinner the young adults will be preparing; and about 6:40 for our program. (We will be in the first floor of the Christian Ed building for the whole evening as the Bethesda Project will be using our Social Hall for a staff retreat.)

The strophe from “The City Dweller’s Prayer” we will be attending to this week is:

Our forebears stayed their minds on you
in village, farm and plain;
Help us, their crowded, harried kin,
no less your peace to claim.
Give us to know that you do love
each soul that you have made;
That size does not diminish grace,
nor concrete hide your gaze.