Lenten Devotion 3/23: A Taste of Pentecostalism

Wednesday, March 16’s pre-St. Patrick’s meal and sharing got us going in Lenten Devotions. Our crowd was smaller than usual, but, as Michael always says, “it’s in the small groups that the really amazing interactions happen, where something very sacred is shared or recognized.” And interestingly, the crowd was almost all new faces!

This week, on Wednesday, March 23, we will meet again. The meal, at 6 pm sharp, hosted by the South Jersey neighborhood group, will be soup and bread. We will take up a collection of what we otherwise would have spent on dinner, and contribute that to “Team Old First” in the Walk+Run Against Hunger.

After the meal, about 6:40, we will go into our devotion. This week, we will be focusing on the second strophe of “The City Dweller’s Prayer:”

    O God whose will we cannot resist,
    but cannot overcome,
    Forgive our harsh and strident ways,
    the harm we have done.
    Like Babel’s builders long ago
    we raise our lofty towers,
    And like them, too, our words divide,
    and pride lays waste to our powers.

Out scripture will be the Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11:1-9). And our guided mediation will take us to Babylon, and, we pray, the power of God’s spirit and a Pentecost experience– to encounter not so much incomprehensible foreign tongues, but instead the heartfelt meaning of brothers and sisters.