Lenten Dinners: Planning for a Jubilee Year in 2027! 

Lenten Dinners: Planning for a Jubilee Year in 2027! 

Can you host a dinner? Will you join a dinner? 

This year, the Elders are leading our Lenten program as they invite the church into a planning process looking to our 300th anniversary in 2027. 


What does God want for us, from us by then? 

How could Jesus’ talk with a Samaritan woman (John 4:1-42) help in our mission and our visioning process?

How should our current ministries have developed? 

What new ministries should we have added? 

What steps, immediate and longer term, do we need to take to get there?  


Plan to join us for a Lenten Dinner; it’s important that everyone join us (and there’s even homework in preparation). There will be dinners at various times and across the city and region as we try to make sure everyone is involved. 

RIGHT NOW WE ARE FINALIZING THE HOMES THAT WILL HOST A DINNER — dates and how the meals are organized are up to the hosts. If you are interested, please speak with Bobbie or Kathy. Or you may just e-mail the church office. We need to know that you will host, what date, how many people you can have as guests, and how you would like to organize the meal.