Lenten Sermon Series: Growing Up in Christ (and the Letter to the Ephesians)

Lenten Sermon Series: Growing Up in Christ (and the Letter to the Ephesians)

For the Sundays of Lent, Michael will be preaching a sermon series on the Letter to the Ephesians. The theme will be how we can grow in our Christian faith. He will not be preaching chapter by chapter, but if you wanted to, you could read a chapter a week, and have the whole letter finished by Easter…

Why Ephesians for Lent? Because it is the Pauline letter that gives us the clearest directions about what we can do to grow up in Christ.

In February, Michael preached a sermon on 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 in which he suggested that more emphasis should be lent to maturing in faith. Too often, from the way we speak about Christianity, it seems as if all one needs is to get started in the faith– by some “born again” conversion experience or the sacrament of baptism — and then from there the rest just flows. But Michael asked if we might not all benefit from becoming more intentional about growing and maturing in the faith.

A number of our members have asked subsequently if we could focus on what being more intentional about maturing in faith might look like.

And Michael could not help but notice during the four baptisms since that sermon one of the promises candidates (or their parents) make:

“Do you promise, according to the grace given you, to grow in the Christian faith and to be a faithful member of the church of Jesus Christ, celebrating Christ’s presence and furthering Christ’s mission in all the world?”

So, let’s see what Ephesians has to say to us about the road to a maturing faith in Christ…