Lenten Sunday Suppers from Feb. 21-March 20

Lenten Sunday Suppers from Feb. 21-March 20

It’s important to do something special to prepare for Easter. This year, back by popular demand, we are reinstating Lenten Sunday Suppers!

The idea is that on Sundays before Palm Sunday (February 21, 28, March 6, 13, 20), people from our community will share Sunday Supper with others from Old First in someone’s home. (We don’t often see each other’s homes!)  

We will be getting together over a family-style Sunday supper. No fancy dinner party fare. Instead, hearty food like you might make for your family and the opportunity, in a smaller setting outside of church, to share a meal and conversation together.

And we’d like these to be “adults only” meals; if you need help with childcare, let us know, and we will arrange it (or if schedules and homes allow), we can make one that is child friendly for multiple parents to attend).

At the end of each dinner, there will be a brief Lenten devotional time, sharing and a prayer. To facilitate this, everyone is asked to bring something from home that they no longer need and are willing to give to someone else. Please, these Lenten gifts should be nothing bought new or expensive. Rather something that you recognize you don’t need. After all, Lent is traditionally the season when we give things up!            

The closing devotional will be a relaxed and informal — imagine leaving the table for coffee and dessert, sitting around in a circle. And, as always with church, when we are sharing, people may always pass.

To get the ball rolling, we need to identify a number of people who are willing to host meals, and who wants to participate in a Sunday Lenten Supper.

This link will allow you to sign-up to host of meal or to say that you want to be invited to a meal, and provide the other information we need to arrange the suppers. There will also be a sign-up table before worship in the lower narthex and in the social hall after worship for the next few weeks.

Once we have gotten everyone assigned to a Sunday Supper, we will send out invitations. We hope everyone will make one of their Lenten commitments to be involved!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with me.

Megan G.- A., Leader,
Community Life Standing Group