Let's Register 3,500 More Voters – Now till Oct. 11.

Let's Register 3,500 More Voters – Now till Oct. 11.

POWER is launching a non-partisan voter engagement program to engage thousands of our neighbors in a prophetic vision for racial and economic justice.
Old First will be part of this effort, alongside 30 plus other faith communities around Philadelphia.

We will use voter engagement to make our issues – from raising the wage to full and fair funding for public education to ending racist policing – the issues framing every election in our region.

POWER is working to increase political impact among marginalized groups that have traditionally faced great barriers in voicing matters that most concern them. People of faith know that our families deserve better than immoral wages, impoverished schools, and leaders with hardened hearts. Between now and Election Day, we will provide the tools and information for people to get ready to vote.

From now through Oct. 11, we will provide the opportunity for people to register to vote.  From Oct. 12 through election day on, Nov. 8, we’ll work on getting the people we helped register to vote to the polls.

The faith communities who make up POWER have set the goal of registering more than 3,500 people to vote. Old First’s local POWER team has set the goal of 200 people we will help register to vote.

Would you like to help us reach these goals?  Talk with Mimi Copp Johnson or Carrie Kreider to learn more.

Mimi Copp Johnson and your Old First Power Team