Letter’s to Our Future Church

Letter’s to Our Future Church

September 23, 2021

Dear Future congregation of the current Old First Reformed United Church of Christ,

When I pray about communicating with you, I just end of saying that I live with the hope that you will be a congregation rooted in the profound and transforming Love that we understand to be what fuels us, binds us together and calls us to reach out to the world and to care for each and every life that God has knit in our mother’s womb from birth to death.

I hope that this letter is found amongst the favorite Bible passages, children’s drawings and other expressions of what other members of our present community  are hoping for you.

I also want to ask from you that for the ways we, and those before us, have failed to be good stewards of this earth and kin to each other, I hope that you will forgive us and learn from our mistakes.

I also hope that you continue to be a faith community that risks in ways that put Love first.  In times of great uncertainty, I hope you reinforce this for each other.  I hope that whether you find in the scriptures of the Bible and in the living out of faith the joy and strength that comes with love and rejoice in all circumstances.  

Mostly I pray that you know that we are thinking of you in our decisions today, seeing in our limited ways and leading with our hearts.  God’s grace surround you always, 

Love, Beth W.