Lighting the Sanctuary – Sat. Dec. 10, 10 am

As you may recall, relighting the sanctuary and the social hall were part of the Capital Campaign.  Our summer interns, Kai and Nils were able to install many of the new LED fixtures in the Social Hall before their premature departure.  There are only a few left to be replaced.  The light fixtures and bulbs for the Sanctuary have all been purchased and await installation.  Can you lend us your hands for a few hours on Saturday, Dec. 10 to complete the installation?

The tasks are easy, Beth Walker, who will be leading the work, has done this before, and is familiar with the process.  In addition to replacing bulbs and light fixtures, she would like to do a little fall housecleaning, in preparation for Christmas, so our Sanctuary may shine.  We’ll be cleaning pews, wiping windowsills, doing the semi-annual cleaning you would do in your own home. Cleaning supplies will be provided.  All are welcome.  To sign up for a 2 hour volunteer slot, please click here.

Help us make our church home glow, make it a welcoming place for those who visit us at Christmas.  You can also call the office, 215-922-4566,  or email the office to let us know you’ll be there.