Live Organ Music Returns!

Live Organ Music Returns!

Dear Old First family,

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid and our renovations, the sound of our Schantz organ returns THIS Sunday at 10 AM.

To celebrate I have scheduled two new works composed by my talented 24-year-old German organist/friend, Paul Fey. The Prelude is “Prayer for Peace” written as a response to the war in Ukraine. The Postlude, “Festive Intrada”, composed as a celebration, is a short, but rousing, demonstration of the organ’s power. I thank Paul for allowing us to use his works on this day of musical resurrection of our instrument. 

Thanks also to the expert technicians from Patrick Murphy Organbuilders for their diligence in wrapping, unwrapping, and tuning the Old First organ.

–Bill L.

Old First Organist