Living Advent Calendar — Day 12

Living Advent Calendar — Day 12

Dec. 10:

It is only the poor and the hungry… Those who KNOW they NEED someone to come on their behalf who can celebrate Christmas. — Archbishop Oscar Romero

We live in a culture that prizes independence and self-sufficiency. This is so much so, that we often fool ourselves and miss all the ways we are dependent on others.

We live in much too complex a world to be as self-made as we claim and pretend. I mean, who among us is growing her own food or spinning his own cloth and sewing his own clothes?

Today, for your Advent exercise, make a list of a few things you need help with. It doesn’t matter if you know who could help or how they could help. What’s important is that you realize and acknowledge they are things you can not handle on your own.

And then ask yourself, or maybe even ask God (this would be prayer!) if Jesus could help you with them?

Extra credit: read Psalm 113 at least twice today with significant time between each reading. What is God saying to you?