Living Advent Calendar — Day 14

Living Advent Calendar — Day 14

Dec. 12:

There is nothing so secular that it can’t be sacred. That is one of the deepest messages of the Incarnation. — Madeleine L’Engel

This seems like an appropriate reminder before picture Day at the Creche — when more of us than any other day will crawl right in there with the animals, straw and muck…

Christmas promises, among other things, that God redeems the least inspired and most flat-footed material of things (and people too!) and makes them ultimately important.

Today’s Advent challenge: try to consider that in your life that seems farthest from God and imagine that God hold and sanctifies even that…

Extra Credit: Read Psalm 23 today at least two times with a significant time between each reading. But instead of seeing the beatifically clean Good Shepherd, read the beloved Psalm as if God is a good, but real Shepherd. What is God saying to you?