Living Advent Calendar — Day 16

Living Advent Calendar — Day 16

Dec. 14:

Yet as I read the birth stories about Jesus, I cannot help but conclude that though the world may be tilted toward the rich and powerful, God is tilted toward the underdog. ― Philip Yancey

It seems to me so evident in the Bible — God’s preference is for the poor (to borrow the phrase from the Liberation Theologians). If “preference” makes you nervous (perhaps because you prize God as no “respecter of persons,” meaning that God loves all and doesn’t show any Divine favoritism… or perhaps because you are not poor and God’s choosing them over you makes you understandably uncomfortable?), consider this:

God can see that it’s easier for folks with less “buy in” to the world as we know it to be open to alternatives — to see, envision, struggle for something else. Freer to look for God; freer to seek God’s promises; and freer to be ready and willing for the transformed world God means for us.

But in our actual day to day lives, how much evidence is there to indicate we’d opt for poverty on the way to God over comfort and self-reliance? In fact, quite the opposite might be the case for most of us.

Make a list of the ways you, your outlook and your life are “titled towards” the rich and powerful.
Make a list of the ways you, your outlook and your life “lean towards” (or could lean towards) the underdog.
Which list was easier to make? Which list is longer?

Read Psalm 146 at least twice today with some significant time in between readings. What surprises you that you didn’t expect to hear?