Living Advent Calendar — Day 19

Living Advent Calendar — Day 19

Dec. 17:

Our maker was made human that the Ruler of the stars might
nurse at His mother’s breast.
That the Bread might hunger.
The Fountain thirst.
The Light sleep.
The Way be tired on its journey.
The Truth accused of false witness.
The Master beaten with whips.
The Foundation be hung on wood.
The Strength might grow weak.
The Healer might be wounded.
That Life might die. — Augustine of Hippo

There are new possibilities that come of the impossible happening. If God came to earth and lived a human life, is it possible that in Christ, we, humble and human, are able to rise and accomplish the impossible, what we often assume only God in heaven can be expected to do?

Think of a time when you suddenly were doing what even you would have thought was impossible —
going without food or sleep,
going further that you ever imagined,
standing up to unfair accusations,
acting as someone’s grounding and unbending assurance,
healing either illness or brokenness,
surviving what you always assumed would mean your end.

Often, because we can’t quite make sense of those kinds of extraordinary or incomprehensible experiences, we just gloss over them. Or hide them away and try to forget about them.

If you can identify one such experience in your life, sit with it. Consider and contemplate it. Not because you need to or can understand it. But you need to remember it. Claim it. And maybe ask yourself if it isn’t a sign of God working through you?

Extra-credit: Read Psalm 94 at least twice today with significant time between each reading? What is it promising us?