Living Advent Calendar — Day 8

Living Advent Calendar — Day 8

Dec. 6:

Childbirth is risky — he comes as he goes, in a rush of blood and water.

In the night, with loaves and wine, we become the little one;
blood brothers and water sisters,
bits and pieces of the kingdom
— Dennis Kennedy

Today is the Communion Sunday that falls in Advent, and
the first time we gather at the Table in the new church year.

As you come forward this morning for the bread and the cup,
instead of thinking of the the bread as a symbol of Jesus’ body,
and the fruit of the vine as a sign of his blood,
imagine both as signifiers that help us see ourselves better.

That we were born like everyone else here.
And we will live our lives such as they are.
And we will, again, like everyone else in the Sanctuary (and any place else) in time, die.
It’s as simple and ordinary as that.

In between, we share more commonalities with one another, no matter the differing specifics of our lives.
We are each just a piece of a much bigger picture.
But the both the whole and the parts are holy, even sacred,
even as they are fragments and fragmented.

Today, as you come forward for the Table,
see if you can feel some sense of unity and connection with everyone else present.
Almost mystically. Just as the meal connects us with God, it’s also makes us one with one another.
All the variable of life aside, the moment has brought us together here and now.
And somehow, how the pieces fit together with a logic greater and more gracious that our own,
that’s the kingdom.

If you aren’t in church this morning for communion,
you could try for the same experience of connection at any other meal today.
The holy words challenge us:
“as often as we eat this bread and share this cup,
we proclaim the Lord’s resurrection until He comes again.”
Any meal, ALL meals, are communion.

Extra credit: Read Psalm 133 at least two times today with significant time in between each reading. What’s God saying to you?