Looking Forward To Sunday School; Looking For Sunday School Teachers

Looking Forward To Sunday School; Looking For Sunday School Teachers

Hello everyone!

The summer seems to be going by so fast, yet here we are, and it is almost August already!

By Mid-September (worship switches back to 11 on 09.13), we will be back in Sunday school, and I am putting out an invitation for anyone who feels the calling to join our team of teachers for the coming year.

We are looking for anyone who would like to either assist in the classroom, offer to be a substitute if the need arises, or just someone willing to be an extra pair of hands during our Sunday morning classes (each week prior to service).

As well, Michael and Adam will be working on Youth Group, the first Saturday late afternoon of each month, starting in October, and they would like to have a woman join them.

Our children are wonderfully curious, and it’s a treat to work with them…surprisingly easy for those who might be a little nervous about trying something new! And we promise to be there to help you.

At the moment we envision three different Sunday morning classes for the children: Beginning, Intermediate and Post-Confirmation. As I said above, we will also be bringing back the Youth Group!

As you can imagine, with everything that we are planning for the year, we could use any help that God sends our way. If you feel that this might be something that you are being called to do — or if you just want to talk about it, please contact me!

Yours in Christ,

Julius DeAngelus