Love Is Bigger Than Any Hate

Love Is Bigger Than Any Hate

I received an email from Rev Sharron Morris of the PSEC.  She was made aware by one of our conference UCC Open And Affirming churches, that a group of people stood outside of their church building this past Sunday morning making vile and offensive comments regarding the churches support of the LGBTQ community. In this case fortunately, the surrounding neighborhood responded in a very positive and supportive way and reached out to see how they could assist in protecting their church community.

When I read the email I discussed it with Michael and we agreed that we just wanted to let our church community know that it happened and that, unfortunately, this group may not be from that church’s local area.  The protesters may be traveling around to other ONA conference churches spewing hate.  Old First is an ONA congregation and we should be aware so that we may not be caught off guard should this occur within our own community.

Remember Love is Bigger Than Any Hate.