LtQ: Stories of Creation, Monday, June 27

LtQ: Stories of Creation, Monday, June 27

Monday evening, June 27, we will gather for the fourth installment of “Living the Questions,” our group exploration of what it means to be an honest, contemporary, progressive Christian.

We will meet in the C.E. Building at 6 p.m. for dinner. The session will begin at 6:45 and be finished by 8 p.m.

This installment will help us begin to think critically about the Bible’s depictions of creation, certainly one of the hot button topics that divide the church these days. What does the Bible really say? How are we to interpret it? What do we believe God means for us to take from our Christian understanding of creation?

The session will challenge us to think together about and discuss:

What is the ultimate function of our church?

Living the Questions is a 21-part series to help progressive Christians grapple with our Christian tradition, claim a faith that we can believe in, and together explore what’s next for Christianity. Rather than giving us someone else’s dogmatic answers, “Living…” poses questions for our consideration.

Old First began this journey with sessions in January and February. We then took a break for Lenten Devotions. We picked up again last month, and are meeting on the 4th Mondays of this month, before taking a summer break.

Obviously, this journey together, with breaks along the way, will take us a few years to complete. The sessions are designed so that you can get started at any time, or join back in even if you missed a few.

If you will be bringing children and need childcare, we need to know by Sunday.