"Living the Questions" Re-introduces Our Particular (progressive) Faith Tradition

"Living the Questions" Re-introduces Our Particular (progressive) Faith Tradition

The pastor introduced in his sermon on Sunday, January 9, a new Christian Education series, “Living the Questions,” that will begin on January 24. Over the next two years, this monthly class will re-introduce people to the particular, progressive Christian path of which Old First is a such good example.

Living the Questions is not just an institutional effort aimed at simply dressing up the theological status quo. Instead, it is a practical tool to bring together, equip, and re-educate thinking Christians.

The progressive side of the church aisle doesn’t offer many black and white answers. But it is rich with trust and grace, clues with which we can live into life’s mystery with hope, faith and love. Even progressive Christians can live out a relationship with God and celebrate that spirituality… and share it with others.

Starting with the Biblical story, adding in the witnesses of the generations since then, there is a richness, a deep meaning offered by our particular religious tradition for living out our lives. Learn more about Living the Questions

Old First says it wants to welcome more people into this faith community, but can we hope to do so if we aren’t conversant or articulate enough to share our tradition?

Every 4th Monday (because the first 3 Mondays have become our meeting nights at church)– with breaks for Lent, Advent, and summer– the pastor is inviting us to a weeknight class at church! Not for a meeting or a shelter meal. But to get to know our religious tradition better.

To become more fluent in our own faith. To listen to our lives. To learn the Bible. And with the help of some of the best-respected religious teachers of our times, to grow in and to grow our faith– our ability to live it abundantly and to share it freely.

A simple meal at 6. Our study will begin at 6:45 and be done by 8. Childcare will be provided.

Everyone can join us. People who’ve known the faith well all their lives. People who are just getting going. Folks who believe deeply. Those who doubt more. Old First regulars. Occasional visitors. First time guests. Think who might be helped by such a study. Spread the word. Invite someone to come with you.

Old First needs to get going, to go deeper, to grow in celebration. There’s just too much blessing here to keep it to ourselves. And there’s no one but all of us who can share it.