Major Improvements to Old First

Major Improvements to Old First

Thursday a “cherry picker” lift arrived in the front parking lot. And ladders were secured on the east side of the building. And men with construction hats are swarming on the roof of Old First. Today the work begins on the gutter, flashing and soffit repair!

The trouble originated from two inappropriate metals being used as flashing materials around the chimney and the roof gutter trough. The chemical reaction of the metals led to the failure of the flashing, which allowed water penetration alongside of the gutter line and around chimney and into the soffit, which rotted the wood. Ultimately, the damage was enough to cause the gutter system there to fail.

New flashing copper flashing around the chimney and the gutter trough should do the trick. Then repairing the soffit where it has rotted away.

Ok, it’s not the “sexiest” repair. Or even one that most parishioners will see. But preventing water intrusion and damage is serious business. As well, along with the new HVAC for the first floor of the Fox Building and the repairs of the bath/shower rooms in the basement of the CE building, it’s a sign that Old First is rounding the corner. Instead of deferring maintenance, we’re finding the resources to get working on it.

Thanks be to God, the Property Ministry Team and the Admin. SLG, the workers themselves, and all the people whose support of Old First make caring for the building possible right alongside of our other service programs.