Spiritual Companionship Theme for March: God is in the Surprise

Spiritual Companionship Theme for March: God is in the Surprise

Spiritual Companionship Themes (to begin our gatherings and meetings with a grounding in our faith)

We encourage each of our ministry teams, fellowship or service groups–from the Board of Elders to the property committee–to integrate spiritual formation into their “business” meetings.

Groups are asked to set aside time at each meeting to connect with God and with one another and with God. Under “Spiritual Companionship Themes” you can find suggestions to prompt that time of sharing.

Here’s this month’s suggestion for a spiritual discussion theme:

March 2012

Moses promises the enslaved Israelites freedom from the yoke of Pharoah. With signs and wonders, they leave Egypt and cross the Red Sea on dry land.
Can you imagine by this time, how grand and glorious their imaginations must of grown… all their expectations of what God had in store for them… of where God was leading them.
And then they end up in the wilderness for 40 years.
Life is like that. We are expecting one thing, And something else comes along. We end up all kinds of places and doing all kinds of things we never could have imagined.
But the promises of God are still in place where we find ourselves. even if, it turns out, reaching them was more involved than we ever foresee.
God is in the surprise. In the case of the Israelites, God is in their wilderness with them. But God could be on your lake with you, Or with you on some dusty road halfway from where you are supposed to be…
What about your life do you find surprising?
[People share their answers.]

In summary, one of the best signs that God’s somewhere in the picture is that you are surprised. Even when that surprise is not what you would have wished for yourself, see if you can find God in there, and near you… What is a good and hopeful is that presence. Amen.

[Say the Lord’s prayer together, slower than usual.]


Remember our “guidelines” for spiritual companionship sharing:

Groups are free to to structure this time however they choose. These discussion themes are provided as suggestions only.

In the spirit of our UCC tradition, each individual is free to “pass” and not share if s/he so chooses.