Meet Larissa Who's Volunteering at Church until Sept. 18

Meet Larissa Who's Volunteering at Church until Sept. 18

(I'm the young woman on the left in the picture!)

I am Larissa, a 20 year old from Bielefeld, Germany. I originally came from a really small village near Bielefeld, and even Bielefeld is still kind of small, so now I face by first adventure in a really large city.

So far, Kayla already took me to a super awesome musical festival in Camden, and let me have super awesome food. I hope to see some more super awesome places and meet super awesome people like Kayla.

Back at home, I study German as a foreign language (so that I can teach it to non-German speakers) and English and American studies, so you can tell that I really like languages and I hope that I will be able to find a profession which relates to that.

Here, I have been doing the service projects with the service camp that is at Old First this week. I also helped out over at St. George’s United Methodist up 4th Street. But I hear mostly in my time here, I will be painting the apartment for the YASC community ministers in the Fox Building.

If you’d like to know more about me, just come up to me and ask. I’ll be in church on Sundays and at Old First until Sept. 18. Thanks for the opportunity…

Larissa P.