Meet the Young Adults Service Community Partner Agencies

Meet the Young Adults Service Community Partner Agencies

One of the key components to the future Young Adult Service Community (YASC) is their work in the community. Each Community Minister will be spending 32 hours a week in service at a Philadelphia agency. The YASC ministry team has secured four outside agencies  to partner with us to employ the Community Ministers. We had a great time identifying possible agencies that we’d like to work with to provide a great service to the community and to the individuals who will be serving here.  Each agency offers a unique position that will compliment the work they will be doing at Old First. We have five possible sites and are capable of housing only four young adults. We will do our best to match the young adults to the program that best suits their talents, skills, and interests.

Old First Reformed Church

Position: Outreach Coordinator – This person will be the scheduler of volunteers for the Cupboard and Shelter as well as scheduling the Urban Service Camp groups. This person will identify and coordinate community partners for service camps to work with and will monitor the camps through reflection and discussions. Other duties include: (a) ordering food items for the Cupboard breakfast program as needed and securing donations of men’s clothing and toiletries, (b) acting as liaison between Bethesda Project and Old First regarding the men’s winter shelter, (c) maintaining records of Wellspring Outreach programs, and (d) communicating with Old First members and volunteers about events, needs and other necessary items.

City Year

Position: Evaluation Intern -The Evaluation Intern would help to implement and monitor City Year Greater Philadelphia’s service impact. The Evaluation Intern  collaborates with members of the Impact Department Team and will support in the development of corps members through the leading of evaluation-related training’s and timely evaluation customer service and troubleshooting. Other tasks include: (a) data-entry, (b) assisting and implementing evaluations  system, and (c) design and facilitate training’s and presentations.


Position: Online Organizer – The Online Organizer leverages digital media (including email, social media, websites, blogging, etc.) to advance POWER’s campaigns on jobs, education, immigration,, racial justice, and gun violence. This position works closely with the fundraising, communications and organizing staff to develop integrated approaches that deliver results on multiple objectives. Tasks include: (a) create and manage email campaigns to share event news and fund raise, (b) manage social media sites, working with other departments to increase engagement, and (c) train staff and volunteers in online skills.

Bethesda Project

Position: Church Shelter Assistant –The Church Shelter Assistant works to make Bethesda’s Church shelters accessible and safe for homeless men. This position will require the Community Minister to perform these tasks: (a) meet with shelter guests to determine which social services are needed, (b) initiate referrals to treatment programs, (c) assisting volunteers at the church shelters, and (d) helping with attendance reports.

Broad Street Ministry

Position: Volunteer Assistant — The work performed will be tailored to both the needs of BSM and the Community Ministers learning interests with new opportunities for growth as they emerge. Some of the tasks associated with this position are: (a) help maintain volunteer database, (b) help organizing and contacting volunteers, and (c) online research to support the work of BSM.