Men to Offer Hospitality on Mother's Day

Men to Offer Hospitality on Mother's Day

Necessity is the mother of invention– not even intending the double entendre! But the Hospitality Team Captain scheduled to serve on May 8 cannot fulfill her service. And a number of the members of the team are also scheduled to be away.

Can we find someone else to stand in as Team Captain? Can we find enough people to field greeters at the door before worship and during fellowship? Do we have enough people to provide for a simple spread after worship, especially on a holiday like Mother’s Day?

Pastor decided that giving the women a complete Sunday off from the ministry of hospitality on May 8 would afford men an opportunity to thank their mothers, and the mothers of their children, and the women among us in church in an other way.

So he asked in worship on May 1. And a few brave men immediately raised their hands– Bob R., Cody, Stirling, Bruce Clark. The few, the brave… making us proud.

Michael can’t ask others to do what he’s not doing, so he’ll help out– though he’s not sure yet what he’ll cook!

Also, he is going to chase down a few more gentlemen, and press them into service. (If on further thought, you are willing to help out, give Michael a break and contact him to let him know you are going to be involved and help out.)

It’s the least we can do to honor the women among us, and all they do for us. It’s the least we an do on Mother’s Day…