Menders Needed – 1 day a month

Menders Needed – 1 day a month

Do you have sewing skills that you’d like to put to use?

Broad Street Ministries, one of our homeless ministry partners, is seeking new menders to help on Thursdays between 10:30am and 1:30pm. On Thursdays, there is a social service and meal program called Breaking Bread. Hundred of people gather to share a meal and receive the needed services – meet counselors/nurses, get toiletries and clothing, and get their clothing mended. You may not have realized that your sewing could be put to a greater us, now is your chance to jump in.

1 – Sewing skill level varies – no tailoring is required. Mostly sew on buttons, hem pants (nu cuffs), let pants out in the waist, mend holes in pockets, sew up open seams, patch jeans or shirts, re-attach things, sew up gloves, repair zippers (not required). On occassion the menders duck tape shoes and mend backpacks

2 – The menders room is well equipped. 2 excellent sewing machines, ironing board, iron and every sewing notion you can think of, good lighting and adequate room and storage. Just bring yourself!

3 – Time commitment – Commit to one Thursday a month. Arrive by 10:30am to set up and you’ll be finished no later than 1:30pm.

4 – Why they love mending – The guests at BSM are very grateful. We make new friends with other menders, lives are enriched.

5 – If you are interested contact Barbara Lappen 610-541-0143

Please share with anyone that you know who has any level of sewing skill.