Men's Clothes Badly Needed

Men's Clothes Badly Needed

Last week at the cupboard, we were finished in 15 minutes!

That could be good news because the crowd of needy people was so small (it was the beginning of the month after all). But it really wasn’t that.

We did have a smaller than usual, especially the latter Sundays of the month, crowd.

But we also had no clothes to give out. We are that low on men’s clothing!
So people just came in and got their food and left.

For folks on the street, who don’t always have access to bathing or laundry facilities, a supply of clean clothes can make a big difference. (So much so that we have talked in the past about how we might turn laundering into a ministry.)

We are posting ads on Craigslist and putting up signs in the neighborhood wherever we can. We are even headed out to Delaware County to pick up some clothes (we cannot usually pick up clothes, but in this case there’s a promise of a very big load of large and extra-large t-shirts).

Could you help us?

~ Ask friends and family for donations that you might get to us.
~ Organize a men’s clothing drive at work or in your community.
~ Suggest other ways that we might locate more donations of gently used men’s clothing.

In particular, at this time of year, we need:

~ New underwear (all sizes)
~ Men’s pants, sweatpants, shorts, gym shorts (34 waist and up)
~ Men’s t-shirts (large, xlarge and up)
~ Socks

If you are bringing clothes for the Women’s and Children’s Clothing Drive that Gracie, Sarah and Jackson have organized to take to Honduras, bring the Men’s Clothes too, and know that we need them right here in Philadelphia.