Old First Calls Rev. Michael Caine as Pastor

After a three-year transitional period of covenant ministry, Old First Reformed United Church of Christ (UCC) has called Rev. Michael W. Caine as its pastor. The congregation voted unanimously today (November 18).

Michael joined Old First in August 2009 as Covenant Minister. Covenant Ministry is a program wherein the congregation, the conference (in our case the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the UCC) and a designated pastor enter into specific agreements to work together to revitalize a local church, its mission and ministries. Having successfully completed the three-year effort, Old First is ready to move forward in spirit, selecting Michael as our leader.

In addition to calling Michael as its permanent pastor, the congregation committed itself to working in partnership with Michael as we step forward in faith. These commitments include:

  • Welcoming the change that becoming a significantly larger community will necessitate;
  • Assisting Michael with the tasks of welcoming and building relationships with newcomers and
  • Innovating for the delivery of effective Christian education and spiritual support to a
    community increasingly hard to gather at church outside of Sunday worship;
  • Begin addressing the conditions and root causes and conditions that perpetuate need; and
  • Strengthening the church’s financial position.

As we look to the future, may we support one another as we seek to reach more people with Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness.