Michael Seeking Guest E-pistle-ists for 4 weeks in August

Michael Seeking Guest E-pistle-ists for 4 weeks in August

Every week the E-pistle goes out with newslinks about what is happening in our faith community. It’s become a significant part of how we keep in touch with our spread-out and diverse community. How we stay in touch.

Michael will be gone the month of August. A week of vacation and then 3 weeks of pulpit exchange with our sister congregation, the Markusgemeinde in Bielefeld, Germany.

But the E-pistle needs to keep being sent. Especially, as we get towards the end of the month of August, and the number of newslinks grows in preparation for church in the fall begins ramping up again.

Michael is therefore inviting guest E-pistle-ists. He’d had guest write before. Because he thought someone had an important word to share. Because someone approached him and asked to be able to speak to the community through the E-piste.

Now he’s asking for help. Four people, maybe one’s we haven’t heard before, who want to share some thoughts about life and faith with the wider community. The E-pistle is a particularly good venue for someone who has something to say or share, but isn’t as comfortable speaking in front of people. Here you can prepare carefully and write out what it is that you want to ask people to consider. Ideally, they are between 400 and 500 words (but like sermons, some go longer!). Or they could be shorter.

If you are interested, or have questions or even want to suggest someone else, please speak with Michael. He’s trying to get this all organized before he leaves at the end of the month!