Midday Meeting, 01.09.18 — Will You All Be a Focus Group?

Midday Meeting, 01.09.18 — Will You All Be a Focus Group?

Ok, so yes, Michael is asking for some guinea pigs! And you all are a reliable group and the timing is right. He doesn’t want to explain too much, because that might mess up how you all can be our Focus Group.

An ad hoc group is planning for program part of the Annual Congregational Meeting.

It’s a sort of a complicated situation we need to sketch quickly– with much that cannot be known for certain and some significant options. People have to understand in some detail to engage in the visioning they are going to be asked to think, talk and share about.

In all the meetings your leaders have been having about the conversation they wish to initiate for our church, Michael has realized how much he has learned every time a new group gets brought up to speed. But we have to figure out how to do that in a much shorter time span. Last night’s meeting with the ad hoc committee was really helpful, on point and hopeful. But it took 2 and 1/2 hours!  At the Annual Meeting, we need to get all this done in about 45 minutes.

The ad hoc committee has an idea of how to present the info concisely. Michael wants to try it out with the Midday Meeting. Hopefully a good group will agree and gather next Wednesday at 1 pm with your brown bag lunches. As our Elders, it seems fitting that you will get a preview of what is to come too.

We will get started about 1:30 and be done by 3 sharp. If you have any questions, please ask Michael.