Midday Meeting: Exploring People and Religions of the World (Wed. 02.14.18 at 5 pm for dinner)

The Steiners have a friend at Ann’s Choice who is a Zoroastrian who grew up in India. Scholars believe the Wise Men who visit Jesus on Epiphany were Zoroastrians. The Midday Meeting thought it might be interesting to invite the Steiner’s friends to visit us and tell us about their faith, their community and their lives.

When we found out that the Zoroastrian family was not available for our next gathering, Michael remembered that his his friend Ray is also Raed and a man of proud Druze lineage, though his family relocated to Venezuela from the Middle East. The Druze were originally from Syria, but in part because of persecution spread out and can now be found in Lebanon, Israel, Latin America and the U.S. But, apparently, the faith and many of the customs were transplanted. Ray is going to come and tell the February Midday Meeting about the Druse people, faith, history, life.

But since the second Wednesday of February is not only when we schedule Midday Meeting, it is also Ash Wednesday (and Valentine’s Day too?)! So Midday Meeting is going to become an early dinner instead of brown bag lunch. The idea is that the Midday Meeting folk can come for a Middle Eastern meal in honor of and to learn about the Druze folk. Then once that conversation and meal are over, they can stay for the 7 pm Ash Wednesday service.

PS For anyone who would like to join us, just let us know so we have enough dinner (a collection will be taken to cover the cost of the food, but no one should not come because of money). Also, if anyone needs a ride, please let us know, as we are arranging to get people here when necessary.