Midday Meeting Is Going to Play Zoom Bingo! 

Midday Meeting Is Going to Play Zoom Bingo! 

Maybe it’s tipping our hats to our Catholic Siblings, but next Friday, Aug. 14, for the Midday Meeting, we’re playing Bingo. On Zoom. In the same OldFirstGatheringSpace where we meet for church. 

All are welcome to join us. You can invite friends too (Bingo is about as non-religious or ‘welcoming everyone’  as we can get! …Players of all shapes and sizes welcome). 

Michael has sent out Bingo cards to all the regulars on the Midday Meeting mailing list. They should arrive early next week. 

If you know you want to join us and play (and you are not a regular at Midday meeting), let Michael know so he can figure out how to get you your Bingo cards (either by mail or e-mail). 

Michael  will also have some sets of Bingo cards ready to e-mail (but folks will need a printer) in case people just show up on at Midday Meeting on Friday.

Otherwise, our routine will be pretty much the same. We meet at 1 over lunch. We catch up — what we call “reconnecting with one another and with God.” Then we will play bingo! We might even figure out some prizes… 

Please mark you calendar and plan to join us… And pass along the invitation… 


P.S. Someone asked Michael what to use to cover the numbers. He said that he’d use pennies to cover a number that’s called or circle the called number with a marker. But there might be a prize also for the most creative number marker…