Midday Meeting “Making the Most of the New Website” — Wed., 05.10, @ 1 pm

Midday Meeting “Making the Most of the New Website” — Wed., 05.10, @ 1 pm

We had a higher percentage of visitors on Easter this year. We can’t be sure of the reason. Perhaps it was a lucky coincidence. But some have wondered if it was a quick result of the new website’s making a good impression on potential visitors checking us outline before showing up. The new website had only been up for a couple of weeks before Easter, but could be…

At Old First, we want to make the most of our online presence and message. The website is designed first for the newcomer considering Old First. But it’s also the platform our congregation uses to share info. with people already within our community. We need you to know how to make the most of it.

Suzanne and Michael are going to offer a guided tour of the new website so that our Midday Meeting-ers can find their way around it, know what they can look for and maybe even acquire a few insider’s secrets.

Michael and Suzanne are also going to invite the folks at Midday Meeting to participate in the “Our Community” section of the website. The church is always the people who comprise it. One way our website represents our congregation is with a selection of individuals and the personal  introductions they offer for themselves. Suzanne and Michael will show you the variety of people and ways they describe themselves. There’s room for more (and you might notice we’re a bit shy on our seniors). What could you say that describes you and an aspect of the old first community?

Please join us!