Midday Meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 14 @ 1 p.m.

Midday Meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 14 @ 1 p.m.

Monthly, a group of people who are free during the day gather for fellowship and learning. That tends to be mostly the retired set, but that need not be. If you are free middays, you are invited.

Most often, the Midday Meeting is in the Social Hall at Old First. But we also hit the road, and visit some of our folks who don’t get into church very often.

This month, we will gather at church, next Wednesday. People bring bag brown lunches at 1 p.m., and our program begins about 1:30 p.m.

For January, in honor of Dr. King’s birthday, Delilah M. will help us take a look at some of Dr. King’s sermons.

Please join us, whether you are a monthly regular or this will be your very first time with us!