Midday Meeting Starts Up Again- Wed., Sept 11 and Wed., Oct 9

Midday Meeting Starts Up Again- Wed., Sept 11 and Wed., Oct 9

Midday Meeting is our monthly fellowship group for people who are free during the day. It is open to anyone who wants to participate, and it’s a great way to get to know others from church and what is important to and going on in their lives. We are a welcoming and friendly group. 

Our gatherings are usually at church, in the Social Hall. Our routine is fairly consistent: we gather at 1pm with brown bag lunches we bring. (People also bring food to share often). At 1:30, we get going formally with some check-ins, to hear how everyone is doing. Then traditionally, we have a program or discussion and finish before 3pm. If you are interested, let Michael know and we can put you on the mailing list for our notices. 

We also go out and visit others doing pastoral calls on folks for various reasons: people we have not seen in awhile, those who have been sick or are home-bound, or even to visit someone’s new house. 

This program year’s Midday Meetings are going to begin with two visits. 

On Wednesday, 09/11: We are going to visit Mark S. out at his home in Warminster. Ellie is out in Ohio with their daughter Amy, who is back in the hospital. So Mark is home alone. And without Ellie to drive, he can’t get to us. We decided that we’d take Midday Meeting to him. Bring your lunches, and Mark is going to plan a bible study or discussion for us. (For the address or if you want to carpool from church, please contact the office).

On Wednesday, 10/09: Annemarie K. has sold her house in Mayfair and moved up to an apartment right on the edge of Valley Forge National Park, closer to her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. When Michael told her that Midday Meeting would come visit her in her new home, she was excited to welcome us. Brown bag lunches and carpooling from church; programming to be decided.