Midday Meeting: Wed., 01.11.17, a pastoral call…

On the second Wednesday of each month, folks free during the day often meet at church for a variety of fellowship, sharing and learning offerings. Sometimes, we also take the Midday Meetings on the road, visiting the sick and the shut-in.

This month, our gathering will be a trip up to visit Carolyn D. at her home in Ann’s Choice in Warminster. She’s homebound, and we’ll make a simple pastoral call, catch up, wish her well and end with prayer. Then we will head off to the Cafeteria for lunch there at Ann’s Choice. The Steiners and Bernie D. might even show us around a bit, telling us why that Assisted Living situation has been so nice for them.

We will gather at Old First about 11:30 so we can arrive in time for our visit, before lunch. Please let Michael or the office know you want to go, so we can make sure there are enough places in the cars heading that way.

We should be back at Old First before about 3:30.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Michael.