Midday Meeting, Wed., 12.14.16: A Visit to Princeton Seminary’s “Carols of Many Nations”

Bernie and Carolyn D. have been attending this free Christmas concert for over 20 years! A couple years back they got Mark and Ellie to join them. Now they are inviting the Midday Meeting to go with them too.

It is an annual concert given free — a service actually, of readings, chancel anthems and congregational carols led by the Princeton Seminary Chapel Choir, international students from the school and staff. There are 3 concerts on this one day, at 3:30, 6:30 and 8:30 pm. We will go to the first one at 3:30, and need to arrive at Miller Chapel by 2:45 to make sure we have time to find parking and get seating. I’m guessing that means that we need to leave about 1:30 pm, and we will confirm that as we figure out rides (see below).

Bernie adds, “for anyone missing our organ, Miller Chapel has a great organ.”

Cars will be leaving from Warminster (reachable by SEPTA regional rail) and also presumably from Old First. Let us know if you wish to go, so that we can arrange transportation, set leave times and make sure everyone has a ride.

Miller Chapel is at 64 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ 08540.