Midday Meeting, Wednesday, January 15 at 1 PM

Midday Meeting, Wednesday, January 15 at 1 PM

Midday Meeting really should have been this week; it’s traditionally on the second Wednesday, which was the 8th. But with the holidays, my vacation and the 1st being a Wednesday, that just snuck up on us too quickly. So we are going to push it back a week and meet in the Social Hall on the 15th. 

Our topic will be “Learning to Pray.” Well not exactly, I assume most of us know how to pray. But, I bet, we could pray more, and more often, and more deeply than we actually do. So let’s call it, “Growing in Prayer.” (Prayer is like a wild bird — it takes a long time to coax it into a cage to become part of your life. And if you leave the door to that cage open, even for just a second, the bird escapes again!) 

If you would like to attend, please come with a story to share of when prayer was important in your life, or when prayer helped you feel an intimacy with God. (You can pass, of course, if there is not a story you wish to share!) 

We will also talk about different prayer traditions, our own and in the Christian traditions (or other traditions). And we will pray together…

1 pm — We gather in the Social Hall, bringing our own brown bag lunches (people also sometimes bring food to share)

1:30 — We get going on our topic for the day (often we begin with “reconnecting” / catching up, but I think in this session / with this topic, that will take care of itself.

3 pm — We are wrapped up and on our ways home.  

Everyone is welcome, and you can always bring people! Contact me (Michael) or the church office if you have questions.