Midday Meeting visits the Penn Museum (04.10, 1 pm)

Midday Meeting visits the Penn Museum (04.10, 1 pm)
On Wed., April 10, Old Firster Dr. Grant Frame will show us the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, where he works. Grant is an associate professor of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations at Penn; his field of study is Babylonian Cuneiform tablets written in a span of 500 years.
Grant has published a book about his particular area of study. The British Museum, the University of Pennsylvania along with contemporaries from Iraq joined in an archaeological dig many years ago and salvaged these tablets. Iraq received half of those found tablets, and the University of Pennsylvania and the British Museum each received a quarter.
We will meet at the church at 12:15 and leave for the museum at 12:30. Grant plans to spend from 1 to 2:30 pm with us. After that we will be free to explore the Museum on our own. It would be good if you could eat something before you arrive. This invitation is open to any and all who are interested.
The Midday Meeting group gathers monthly (usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month) for a time of fellowship and learning. It is open to everyone at Old First who is available in the middle of the day.
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