Midday Meeting: What We Gain Spiritually from our Favorite Shows

Midday Meeting: What We Gain Spiritually from our Favorite Shows

It’s the last Midday Meeting of this program year. In July and August, we’ll take a hiatus, before resuming the second Wednesday of September, the 9th, at 1 p.m.

For this last session, we’re going to talk about t.v. shows. They are a big part of our modern lives, and many of us have a favorite show that we will actually rearrange our schedule around (unless we tape it to view at a more convenient time). They play a big part of our lives, but rarely does anyone ever talk about t.v. at church!

My idea for this session came from an article that Bernie D. shared about the spiritual lessons we can take from Downton Abbey. But since I’ve never seen that show, and maybe you haven’t either, I thought we could each talk about a show we know best.

What are your favorite shows? Why do you think they speak to you?

Here’s some other questions to think about in preparation for our discussion on Wednesday:

1) What makes it easier to study t.v. characters’ behavior and relationships, rather than real people’s?
2) Do you put yourself in the places of the characters who you are watching?
3) Do you find and identify with characters with situations like you face in your life?
4) Do you find these show give you insights for understanding or living your life?
5) Is there something about a t.v. program that makes it easier to recognize difficulties in our society or world (as opposed to assuming whatever happens in you own fault?
6) Do the shows you watch reflect both the good and bad of life, or do you like your t.v. more sunny and optomistic?
7) Isn’t there something endearing about being let into the lives of flawed but credible characters?

Hope you will join us Wednesday. At 1 p.m. with a brown bag lunch, or at 1:30 for the discussion itself…