Missing the E-pistle?

Missing the E-pistle?

Each week–typically on either Thursday or Friday–Michael sends out a newsletter known as the “E-pistle.” Along with a short reflection, each E-pistle contains news and updates from Old First to keep you informed. The newsletter is emailed to anyone in our community–near and far– who would like to receive it.

(If you have never gotten it, but wish to, just let us know– either tell Michael, or the church office, even just write it on your offering envelope or in the friendship pads when we take attendance.)

We’ve heard from a few people recently that the E-pistle has been ending up in their spam folders. So if you realize that you haven’t been receiving it, check there. If you find it in your spam folder, you’ll need to mark it as “not spam,” using the specific mechanism of your particular email provider.

For example, I use Gmail, so when I found my E-pistle in my spam folder, I clicked on the message to view it, and then found a little “not spam” button nearby. From that point on, the E-pistle landed each week in my in-box.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to do this with your email provider, contact the church office. Chances are there’s another Old Firster who uses the same provider, and we can get some informal IT support for you.

Also, if you’re not getting the E-pistle but you can’t find it in spam, email me at web@oldfirstucc.org, and I’ll try to diagnose the problem.