Mission 1 to Combat Hunger Near and Far

Mission 1 to Combat Hunger Near and Far

The United Church of Christ is organizing an 11-day, church-wide mission blitz –gathering food for the hungry & pressuring Congress for changes in U.S. foreign assistance that will decrease hunger around the globe.

From 11/1/11 to 11/11/11, through “Mission 1,” the UCC will:

~ more than 1 million items of healthy food for local food banks and outreach services.
~deliver more than 11,111 messages to Congress advocating for foreign assistance that will be more effective in reducing poverty, particularly for the most impoverished. (These will be a part of Bread for the World’s “Offering of Letters.”)

Old First wants to do its part in helping our whole church achieve these goals and have such a prophetic impact. To do so, we’re need to get a running start:

On Sept. 11, during the 10 o’clock hour, our children will create artwork showing “why we at Old First believe no one should be hungry.” We will use this artwork to create ‘Old First Against Hunger’ postcards for messages to Congress we’ll be writing in worship between Nov. 1 and Nov. 11.

Also, on Sept. 11, Old First will begin trying to collect at least 111 donated backpacks that we will then fill with underwear, socks and toiletries by the Nov. 1-11.11 mission blitz, to be given to clients of our Saturday Cupboard.

On Oct. 11, we will have boxes and signage for people to begin their own local food drives. Share with family and friends what we at Old First and across the United Church of Christ are trying to accomplish. Ask them to help us out.

Food drives could be organized at your workplace or school, on your block or through another organization you are involved with. Or just as your friends and family to contribute. We believe we can gather more than 1,111. healthy food items to be distributed through our Saturday Cupboard.

Nov. 1 through Nov. 11: we will gather in all these food contributions and send out our prophetic challenge to Congress. We will find ways to pray over and celebrate these actions in worship. The Sunday School and Youth Group will also be involved.

Our mission goals:

~ 1 cumulative gift of $11,111. towards the work of our 2011-12 shelter.
~ 11 people’s personal stories of hunger highlighted for our prayers and service.
~ 111 backpacks filled with items our cupboard guests needs.
~ 1,111 items of food for our cupboard.
~ 1,111 messages of challenge to Congress (this is going to involve our asking help again from friends, family, neighbors, co-workers…)


~ We are seeking a Coordinator of our Mission 1 effort. This is a short-term volunteer service opportunity. Starting immediately, overseeing Old First’s efforts, and cumulating after 11.11.11 by tying up any lose ends from our mission blitz.

~ We are seeking a few artistic, imaginative and teaching leaders to organize and run the session on Sept. 11 with our children where they will be introduced to the problem of hunger and asked to create the artwork that will be used to make our “Old First Against Hunger” postcards.

~ We are seeking a few people to work with Billi on creating collection boxes and signage for our people to use in local food drives.

Annemarie, Jill and Michael have met already and planned this far. Beth W. brought us word of this campaign from General Synod. But we’ve got time and there’s always room for more ideas– particularly if you also have time and energy to translate your good ideas into real actions. If any of you have suggestions how to make the most of our mission blitz, please feel free to speak to any of the people named.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael for an ad hoc group: Annemarie, Jill, Billi (and we hope more who will get involved!)