Mission 4/1 Earth

The United Church of Christ is on a 50 day Mission to perform service to help the Earth. We started off with the Eco-Palms and are continuing forward with gardening days, advocacy and taking steps in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment.

The goal of the UCC is to perform 1 million hours of service.  This includes, tree/seed planting, unplugging your electronics when you aren’t using them, signing advocacy letters, reading daily devotionals  or any other activity that gets you to thinking about the environment. There is also a goal to plant 100,000 trees and sign 100,000 advocacy letters.  You can see the hours that churches have contributed here: http://www.ucc.org/earth/.

Old First committed almost 100 hours already and it has only been 10 days since this went live! Our hours have been served working in the gardens on Saturday, Michael going paperless with his sermon, our online communications instead of printing newsletters and our advocacy via online messages to our representatives.

Look for the Time Card in your bulletin the next few weeks – fill in any hours served being  environmentally friendly and drop it in the collection plate (or email the office your hours).  Be creative, the sky is the limit on this! You can stop by the Advocacy table on Sundays and sign letters to our representatives – or follow the links that Billi is posting on Facebook each day. Just a few clicks and your representative will know that you want them to support legislation that helps the environment. Come out on May 4th to work with the gardening group to take care of our plants and the urban garden.

If you have any questions about how you can be contribute hours, feel free to talk to Michael or Billi.