Mission:1 and the Outreach Ministries

Mission:1 and the Outreach Ministries

Two actions you can take right now:

1) Organize your own Food Drive to begin collecting healthy food for our Food and Clothing Cupboard. As our part of the UCC’s Mission:! blitz to combat hunger and collect over 1,000,000 food donations, Old First is aiming for at least 11,111. We can only do that by spreading out… farming out the collection to include more people. Boxes and signs will be available this Sunday! You can take them and set up your own Food Drive at work, or at school or in your neighborhood or even just among family and friends…

2) Donate Backpacks. The Food and Clothing Cupboard Ministry Team has taken on the task of providing 111 backpacks for our Cupboard guests, mostly homeless men. People on the street often don’t have a place to store their belongings; backpacks help them keep their clothes or food items dry and safe.

Other congregations are partnering with us to provide the winter items to fill the backpacks – gloves/mittens, underwear, snacks, hand warmers and toiletries (razors, soap, washcloths, etc).

These initiatives are part of our commitment to Mission:1, the UCC’s church-wide blitz from 1.1.11 to 11.11.11 to work together to work against hunger and poverty.

Other initiatives that the Old First Outreach Ministries are supporting are raising $11,111 for our men’s shelter program and initiating 1,111 letters to Congress advocating changes in U.S. foreign assistance that will directly improve the situations of hungry people around the globe.

(You can always bring food items and backpacks to worship on Sundays or drop them at the church office before 5pm on weekdays. Places to purchase backpacks at low cost: Five Below, Burlington Coat Factory, WalMart. Please remember to get backpacks that are teenager/adult size and not a child’s size.)

We hope that you will help to support our outreach to the homeless men in Philadelphia and our efforts to improve the lives of poor people around the world.

Billi, Outreach Coordinator